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LIght Weight Magnet Therapy Bracelets in Handsome Braided Leather - High Strength Magnetic Clasp - It's a Snap to Use, 16 Colors to Choose From, 15 Wrist Sizes, 75000 total magnet gauss.

Magnets have been used for centuries for health and well being. This magnetic feature is basic with our SUKI Clasps (10,000 gauss). In fact our standard SUKI magnetic clasp has more magnetic strength than many competitive magnetic therapy bracelets. The SUKI PRO bracelets has ten 6500 gauss magnets inside the leather braid adding an additional 65000 gauss to the bracelet. The result = 75,000 total magnet gauss. These are one of the highest force magnetic bracelets in the market.

CAUTION - SUKI PRO products are not sold as medical devices nor do we make any claims about the health benefits of wearing SUKI PRO products. Magnetic bracelets should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker, insulation pump, defibrillator or any other type of electrical implant device.