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If you're a fan of magnetic therapy, Suki has an entire line of stylish magnetic bracelets waiting for you. Choose either 6, 8, or 10mm wide braided bracelets from our colorful collection including red, black, dark brown, and burgundy. Embedded within the bracelet are multiple high quality, powerful magnets. Magnetic bracelets for women, for example, have a strong magnetic field that circles the wrist and eases pain and stiffness.

Magnetic bracelets for women are available as well, having the same magnetic strength as the men's products. Men may want a thicker band, allowing them to choose from our extensive color selection to match their personality. The same high strength magnetic force applies to any of the bracelet sizes.

A magnetic therapy necklace is a perfect gift for your loved one. Because the magnetic necklace has a longer length, the magnetic forces are stronger than the bracelets. There are 20 internal magnets ready to provide you with the therapy you desire.