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High Quality Necklaces for Men and Women

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Step out in style with a Suki leather necklace. Our braided leather necklace is our trademark look, allowing you to select the necklace's width and color. Your unique skin tone will glow under any of our handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Leather necklaces for men bring attention to their strong neck. Select a round leather or black rubber piece for their simple needs. It's not just women that can adorn their neck with style.

One of Suki's most eclectic designs is the leather cord necklace. The Matisse line gives you 17 cords collected into one necklace design. Although many of our leather necklaces for women are simple in nature, there are many products that announce that a formal occasion has arrived. Try a Cima necklace, complete with five braided leather cords in almost any color pattern. You'll love the way you look in Suki's high quality jewelry.