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Menís leather bands are one of the most versatile and durable accessories available. Our round leather bracelet collection brings you the best styles in a wide range of sizes that are perfect for all ages and body types. Each accessory showcases the smooth, supple texture of quality leather in a low profile design that you can wear anywhere!

Our leather metal bracelet brings together two of the most highly sought materials in the menís jewelry market. Each style includes a strong length of rounded leather that secures with a sleek metal clasp in your choice of aluminum or sterling silver. The combination of materials produces a look that is both eye-catching and masculine.

There are many ways to incorporate a menís leather bracelet into your wardrobe. We offer a number of rich colors to choose from, ranging from light natural tones to deep antique brown and black. Each hue is versatile enough to go with any ensemble, whether youíre heading out in a t-shirt and jeans or dressing up for a first date. Try on a Suki leather cord bracelet, and feel the quality and durability that make them so irresistible!